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    Dynamiq, owned by Jonas Software (part of the Constellation Group (TXU:CSU))  is the company powering emqnet.  Dynamiq provides the strategic direction, management support, and administrative flows that ensure emqnet products and services provide you with a true operational resilience capability.

    All types of organisations use emqnet to enhance operational resilience.  Mining Minerals & Metals, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Critical Infrastructure teams rely on emqnet’s support every day to prepare for and respond to emerging threats, both internally and externally. 

    emqnet has been providing support to clients since 2004.  We still support these same clients and highly value the journey and partnership.

    A teams-based software application complimented by an experienced and agile advisory service, emqnet provides you with all the necessary support needed to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an issue affecting your business.  At its core emqnet informs the user, enabling the right people to make the right decision at the right time. 

    emqnet can and has been used, as a tool to assist in the planning & management of teams-based projects.  With its messaging capability, status board configuration, task & issues features, and stakeholder management planning, emqnet has the necessary capability to assist you in non-crisis related projects.

    emqnet operates and supports organisations globally.  The platform is in use on every continent (other than Antarctica), and our team of advisors provides both virtual and in-person training and exercise globally.  Recently we have provided in-person direct site training & exercise support in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

    Our Technology supports multiple languages and individual users can select Language skins they wish to adopt when using the system.  Languages supported include English, Spanish, French, and Slavic.

    emqnet is deliberately designed as a standalone crisis management solution with limited integration with your other business systems.  

    There is no limit to the number of people you can connect with using emqnet.

    The software is accessible on any web browser through a simple login process (which can also be configured for Single Sign On [SSO]).  There is no requirement for any downloading of software into your internal networks.

    Additionally,  the mobile version of emqnet is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices (Apple Store and Google play)

    Yes, there is a mobile application of emqnet that is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices (Apple Store and Google play).  This provides full functionality, feature design, and interface with desktop applications.

    Yes, photos and videos can be uploaded.  These provide excellent aids in providing immediate updates for teams no matter where they are located.

    Our system implementation team works closely with you to gather the required information necessary to create your tenancy within the emqnet platform.  Contact Directories, Stakeholder Plans, Issues, and Task Sequencing, Escalation Pathways can all be uploaded during implementation and managed day-to-day as required.

    emqnet has a system, Message Manager, that can be used for all Event Notification, Escalation & Acknowledgement.  Message Manager provides email & SMS services and is included within your emqnet resiliency program suite of services.  It has unlimited use and is a powerful way to communicate rapidly with your teams, both upon activation and during the response.

    emqnet is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia; with offices in Brisbane, Perth, Denver & Toronto.

    Key to the success of emqnet is our people. We have a team of dedicated and passionate crisis experts that are ready to support you on your journey of operational resilience. Whether you require training, exercising, direct advisory support, or just need to speak to us, we are available 24/7 for you and your teams. 

    We can travel to any of your sites, regional teams, or corporate office; and our emqnet personnel is located in Australasia, and North and South America.


    Depending on the size and complexity of your organisation we can have the software supporting you within 3-7 days. We will work closely with you in the development of plans, and the scheduling of training and exercising to ensure a seamless rollout of complete services to ensure program success. 

    Yes, we provide virtual and/or in-person training support. An experienced Resilience Advisor will work with you to design and facilitate bespoke training for your organisation. At a minimum, you will receive full training support of emqnet and how to utilise the system effectively in the event of an incident.

    Yes, emqnet is different from other software providers of this service. We have a team of trained advisors ready to support your resilience program. Be it plan development, online training, team training on-site, or possibly global exercises across multiple teams. We will work with you to ensure full preparedness for your response.

    Access to the emqnet application is via a secure login page (https using an SSL certificate)

    All data between the application and the end user is transmitted via secured protocols. 


    Yes, we maintain certification in Information Security Management (ISO27001). We have held this certification since 2012.

    The application emqnet is Designed, Developed, and Supported in-house by emqnet staff.

    No part of the application is outsourced.

    emqnet is hosted within a Microsoft Azure environment. 

    No, emqnet data remains under your ownership and is not made available to external parties.